Sales Training

Strategic Account Management

Acquiring, Maintaining, and growing strategic accounts are critical to significant revenue growth for many companies. But navigating the landscape of the company, identifying and managing decision makers and influencers, and keeping the competition at bay are constant challenges.

With Iconiche’s Strategic Account Management training, your team will hone key skills and knowledge required to achieve the highest possible success in key account management. They will learn a proven process for strategic account planning that will allow them to methodically review and grow their accounts and transform into a strategic partner.

The Program will cover

  • What is a Strategic / Key Account
  • 80:20 rule
  • The Buying Model
  • Building Values
  • Relationship Handling
  • Maintaining Client Engagement
  • Negotiations
  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  • Sustaining Strategic Accounts

Consultative Selling

The two most abused, misused, and overused words in selling are the words consultative and solution. It is interesting that these two words hold this distinction because without being consultative, the so-called solution is usually little more than a standard product pitch.

The transition from product focused selling to need-focused selling was the direct result of market changes. Increased competition and customers’ greater access to information and sophistication began the shift of power in a sales call from salesperson to the buyer.

The Characteristics of a Sales person adopting Consultative Selling are:

  • They ask more questions.
  • They provide customized vs. generic solutions.
  • Their calls are more interactive.
  • They provide insights to their prospects and customers

Consultative Selling is all about the dialogue between the salesperson and the customer. The salesperson learns about customer business needs before talking product. Product knowledge is transformed into a tailored solution when the solution is delivered and positioned based on the customer’s needs and language. The salesperson focuses more on the benefits than on features.

This high impact program will cover

  • Customer Buying Decision Making Styles.
  • Preparing for the customer conversation.
  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Analyse the Situation and identify Needs
  • Presenting solutions and gaining commitment
  • Understand when to close and what style to use

Selling through Channels

Indirect Selling is a key to any organization’s geographical reach. The challenge here is the co-existence of your direct and indirect teams complimenting each other. Channel Management Program facilitates strategy alignment for organizations that go to market through an indirect channel. Organizations implement a process to define goals, minimize vulnerabilities, and establish commitments. This program offers a method for prioritizing channel partners based on the potential of the partnership and for aligning objectives for enhanced performance.

The Program will focus on the following areas:

  • Identify the range of professional skills required to achieve success as a professional channel manager
  • Identify issues that interfere with successful execution of professional channel management responsibilities
  • Deliver architecture for creating and delivering powerful value propositions to the partner and the end user
  • Present a comprehensive set of best practices for identifying, recruiting and hiring new partners
  • Validate the potential channel partners profile
  • Apply segmentation techniques and use segmentation to reduce conflict
  • Identify the critical role of the partner business plan in establishing and maintaining channel control
  • Conveying Value to Partners and Partner Motivation
  • Deliver channel partner performance using an effective review mechanism
  • Manage supplier direct sales vs. partner conflict
  • Manage partner vs. partner conflict